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Landschaften und Städte - © Gerhard Boegeholz


1950 in Bielefeld geboren
1970 zum Studium nach Würzburg gekommen, seitdem Wahlfranke
1977 Studienabschluß und Promotion

1985 erste Pastelle auf Ibiza
Von da an regelmäßige künstlerische Arbeit

1988 erste Ausstellung in Würzburg.
10 Jahre lang vollständiger Rückzug vom Ausstellungsgeschehen

1997 Ausstellung in Würzburg
1998 umfassende Ausstellung in Sommerhausen:
          Übersicht über 15 Jahre künstlerische Arbeit
1999 Düsseldorf
2001 Bangkok
2002 Berlin
2003 Frankfurt

Report in "Thai Guys", Bangkok, March 2001:
Through the eyes of love

Artist Gerhard Bögeholz is German, 50 years old, and lives with his partner of 30
years in Würzburg, Germany.
Coming from the northern part of Europe, Gerhard Bögeholz really appreciates the
colors of the Mediterranean and South East Asia. Consequently, Gerhard travelled
throughout the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, painting landscapes,
cityscapes and male portraits.
He created numerous oil and pastel pictures from Spain, Italy, Marokko, Tunisia
and markedly Turkey. Two years ago, Gerhard's affection swayed to Thailand, which
captivated him from the first time he set foot there. The works displayed in
Dick's Cafe Bangkok are testimony to this affection and portray Thailand "Through
the eyes of love".
The artist creates his works applying the very elaborate classical way of oil paint.
Using this method limits Gerhards production to only about one painting per month.
His artworks are planned over a long period of time and he labours hard over each
of them. "A painting" says the artist "has to look cheerful and light even if its
creation has been difficult and time consuming". Gerhard possesses a marked
individuality and luminescence of colors.
Gerhard held comprehensive exhibitions of his works in his hometown of Würzburg,
in Düsseldorf and in Köln. London did not allow his show to be opened as it was
considered to be too pornographic and the Documenta X refused his paintings on
the grounds that they were too conservative. "I am very proud of both rejections",
says the artist.
From 15 March 2001 to 18 April 2001 at Dick's Cafe Bangkok from noon to 5am.
The Artist's reception will be held on Friday, 16 March 2001 between 7pm and 9pm.
Dick's Cafe Bangkok is located in Duangthawee Plaza, Soi Pratoochai,
Surawong Road (opposite Thania Road). Tel. 637 0078.